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This week's farmers' market yielded some excellent treats, including fresh plums and, yes, duck! See below:

(Clockwise from the eggs: Eggs, hot peppers, plums, duck, tuscan kale, peppermint, fennel, smoked bacon, spiced sausage, pink potatoes, heirloom tomatoes, carrots and a leek)

Now, duck isn't something we usually eat because it has never been at the market in the years since I began my experiment. But one of the regular meat purveyors (they mostly do lamb) had a sign on their cooler with the magic letters D-U-C-K handwritten on a sign and of course I decided then and there that I was going to buy a duck. I ended up roasting it, which worked OK. Ended up a bit dry (not a surprised, as duck is notoriously difficult to roast and this is only our second time) and so I'll probably braise it next time, or brine it as Yags suggested. But I had a lot of awesome rendered duck fat at the end, so of course I used that fat when sauteeing the kale (served with a bit of salt and a spritz of lemon) and the leek + hot pepper for the wild rice pilaf I made. And of course they did the proper thing and included the liver, so I used that as an appetizer.
Dinner was as follows:
Pan-seared duck liver with vino cotto and sliced heirloom tomato

Roast duck with rye-whiskey-poached plums
Wild rice pilaf with leeks and hot peppers
Sauteed tuscan kale with lemon

Plums (we just used the rest of the plum confit because it was there) and creme fraiche with fresh cracked black pepper
We shared the bounty with [livejournal.com profile] yagathai , who was in NYC for part of the weekend, and we discussed much in the way of cooking. Yags now has a kitchen of his own and is as aggro about his food as I am. it is no surprise that he, doug and I get along so well. For those who like reading about cooking, you might want to check his LJ, too, as he has posted some great recipes/ideas there over the past month or so.
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I've actually been photographing my market hauls, but just never got around to uploading the images. In any case, here's yesterday's goods. I was very conservative with what I bought because we had a lot of leftovers from the week to eat and I didn't want to buy a bunch of produce that would go bad.
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Ice Cream!

Aug. 30th, 2009 06:10 pm
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We bought heavy cream at the market on Saturday to put on our porridge, but we had a fair bit left over and thus I decided to make ice cream. But which flavor? Maple syrup? Ginger? Some kind of liqueur? Of all of my suggestions, Doug decided he liked "black peppercorn" the best. So I made black and pink peppercorn ice cream today. 

I also poached a chicken and made lentils -- our dinners and lunches, respectively, for the rest of the week.

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Some follow-up recipes from last week -- the carnitas and the spicy eggplant. We've been working our way through these two dishes over the course of the week, which has been a blessing because it's been too hot to cook. Hell, even the thought of an all-warm meal is really unappetizing. So the eggplant gets eaten with pita, sometimes some feta, and the roasted carrots. It's perfect lunch or snack food, especially on the weekend. Today, I supplemented it with some fresh (as in not frozen), just off the farm edamame and a freshly roasted red pepper (dressed with olive oil, crushed garlic and pepper).

The carnitas, we just put that glorious shit into small corn tortillas with some black beans, fresh jalapenos, avocado, cilantro and a squirt of lime.

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Went insane this weekend with the cooking and made many dishes for both Saturday and Sunday, and to feed us throughout the week.

Roasted beets
Braised greens with sesame seed oil
Toor dal with onion and chiles
Spicy fire-roasted eggplants with tomatoes

Saturday Dinner
Haricots verts with a creamy red wine vinegar dressing (this is a cold salad)
Pan-seared salmon
Quinoa pilaf with summer squash and harissa

Sunday Dinner
Shaved fennel salad with creamy red wine vinegar dressing (had leftovers from the haricots verts)
Garlicky tomato tagine of sardines over couscous

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I will buy anything once. If I have no fucking clue what it is, or what to do with it, I simply MUST have it. I figure "fuck it -- I'll just google this shit when I get home and figure out how to cook it." Sometimes this works. Sometimes...not so much. Therefore, I will thank the malevolent deity of your choice for the farmers market, where the purveyors actually know what they're selling you, rather than dealing with some flunky in the meat aisle whose only skill resides in wrapping pieces of meat into styrofoam and clingfilm.

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So, the peanut soup ended up being really tasty. Of course, if you hate peanuts/peanut butter (or you're [livejournal.com profile] zakalwe7   and despite your raging peanut allergy you eat Chunky Monkey ice cream and get yourself hauled to the hospital) you're gonna hate the soup. But for those who like gumbos and other thick soups served atop grains, this is a great one for the repertoire. And you can make it totally vegan if you so choose.

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Burns night went well. I did not fuck up the vegetarian (in fact, vegan) haggis, and the meaty real deal was quite tasty. Too bad my stomach decided that yesterday, of all days, was a Time for Hate. I spent the entire day in pain, chewing on antacids at work, and finally descending into PeptoBisland when I got home (in the end, nothing really worked). It really, really, really sucked. I couldn't even stomach more than 2 swallows of whisky, it was that bad. So I can't say I was much company, but Doug soldiered on (and also made a tasty cranachan). Still, we read some poetry, and listened to some songs, and generally had a good time with some of our friends.
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The haggis arrived today. Well, one of the haggises arrived today (I ordered one from each butcher to compare/contrast quality). 
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To my very great chagrin and disappointment, there does not seem to be a single Mongolian BBQ joint in the 5 boroughs of NYC. DOOOM.

(of course, now that I can't have it, it's the only thing that I want to eat.)
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Shopped for our contributions to Thanksgiving dinner at the Farmers Market:

Kabocha (aka Delica) squash
and Ambercup squash soup (will be dressed with yogurt and smoked-paprika oil)
Gold Ball Turnips and Scarlet Turnips (buttered and mashed)
Brussel Sprouts (steamed)
(I'll also be making the cranberry sauce, but I have to find cranberries elsewhere).

Also bought bacon from Flying Pig Farms. I scored some homemade dill pickles from the Crazy Mustache Guy's stand. Gods, I love pickles.

I also broke down and bought sunchokes, a root vegetable I've eaten before, but never cooked. Figured I might as well try something new.
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Yes, good folk. I followed your advice and and ate "all of the above, mixed in a bowl" but without melted cheese on top. I simply couldn't bring myself to sink to such depths. Instead, I made Annie's Mac n Cheese, added pancetta and peas, and then sprinkled some unsweetened coconut shavings on top.

It was surprisingly...not bad. Not sure I'd go the coconut route again, but it was basically the ghetto version of a classic Brooklyn Italian dish, pasta with pancetta and peas. Heh.

There are no pics -- camera is busted. and I am not sure I want photographic evidence of my debauchery.
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So, Doug is off doing some college-tour thing with some of the seniors from his school, and I'm gonna be left to fend for myself. This is a rare opportunity for me to eat the foods that Doug hates: melted cheese on anything except pizza, coconut, etc. So, wise f-list, what say you? [Poll #1077822][Poll #1077822]
Edit: unsurprisingly, beer takes an early lead...
Edit2: I should make it clear that Doug likes both beer and waffles. But they're the classic bachelor combo, so I felt compelled to include them in the poll. General principles, etc.
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Finished off the Week of Fat-Assery (wherein I ate comfort food to negate the wd-50 experience) with a long, ginormous round of dim sum with [personal profile] yagathai and [personal profile] misunderstruck. We played it conservative (quoth Yags: why eat tripe when you're not hungover?), but hot damn, did I eat a lot. Way more than normal. And now I need a nap. *urp*
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So here's what we ate last night, with a rating for each course.
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In a really bitter, crappy mood. Can't figure out why. It might be because humanity sucks ass.

Or it might be the fact that I spent a huge chunk of change at one of the vaunted "molecular gastronomy" joints last night -- chosen by Rina the copy editor because we just closed our Future of Food issue -- and the motherfucking chef spent hours...to make the food taste bad. I am convinced that these molecular gastronomy guys actually store their palates inside a rhino's anus -- it would explain why everything tastes like shit.

(and don't get me started on molecular mixology. we ran a profile of a guy who clearly stopped developing his taste for drink during undergrad, when shots of tequila and Jim Beam followed by Keystone chasers was the fucking height of sophistication.)

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Didn't go to the Farmer's Market this weekend -- slept terribly on Friday night and just wanted to sleep in. Instead, we went to Chinatown today for some shopping and dim sum. But as we were walking back to the subway, I saw a stand selling dragon fruit, and they were just too pretty to pass up.

A block down, I was stopped in my tracks. See, I had conveniently forgotten that the US, in July, finally OK'd the import of mangosteens into the country. And there, in bundles, was an entire table of them for sale. I'm not even really in the mood for mangosteens today, but FFS, I simply had to buy them because, well, I could. No more traveling to Canada to get my mangosteen fix.

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Today I did not purchase any tomatoes. We still have 4 left over from last weekend, and we have to eat them this weekend or it's to the bin for them. Instead I spent my time (and money) at three of my favorite stalls: the Crazy Moustache Guy, The Beekeeper (Covered in bees!), and a new stall run by a family of Mexican farmers and who carry really odd vegetables. I took my tomato money and instead bought flowers.

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This weekend we bought more tomatoes (I did not photograph these), and I made chili with those and some free-range lamb and free-range beef. I will be glad when tomato season is over, though. Holy fuck, I buy too many of them, and each tomato weights half a kg or more, which means that tomato season is expensive!
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The Farmers' Market dictates my weekends, because I buy so much tasty produce that simply must be used and eaten before it goes bad. Of course, that just means that Sunday is Cocktails N Cooking -- and how bad is that, really?

Today's projects:
Roasted Carrot and Onion soup with Ginger and White Pepper
Roasted Eggplant with Mustard Oil
Bengali 5-Spice (Panch Phoran) Fish
Sun-cured Lime Pickle with Chili and Ajwain (this one will take 15 days to cure)

Tonic syrup. Yup -- screw you Schwepps, we're making our own.
Lemon bitters
Spice bitters
Something with the rue plant I just bought.

Cocktails we've had: 4. One, of course, requires mention:

1 part chartreuse
1 part lemon juice
2 parts gin
1 dash Pernod

Stir with cracked ice and strain into a chilled cocktail glass. Repent your evil deeds, you filed-tooth fiend, and enjoy your resting place at Saltpans.
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