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Deep-tissue massage is the epic black metal of bodywork. You know that it's going to work out some issues, and that you'll feel real relief when it's over, but holy goatfuckers is it painful for the duration that it's actually happening. O_o
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I think it's time to revisit Berlin. Nov 2012, my friends. NWN! Fest III. Who's with me?

Thursday 11/8

Friday 11/9
Vader (Performing only Necrolust and Morbid Reich material)
Dead Congregation
Demonomancy (Shorter set)

Saturday 11/10
Headliner (TBD)
Rotting Christ (Performing only Thy Mighty Contract and older material)
Black Witchery
Ares Kingdom
Embrace of Thorns
Bestial Raids
Knelt Rote
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Two songs that serenaded us Saturday at dinner. Between these two songs, Metallica.

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It's like that bird is looking into my soul...

Photograph: Thomas P Peschak/Save our Seas
(click to embiggen, if you're of pure mind and spirit)
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Timothy A. Clary/AFP/Getty Images

Presented without comment. Click to embiggen.
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I love this photo, although the circumstances behind it are disastrous: the recent flooding in Bangkok. On a related note, a friend-of-a-friend (who I've met, but I don't think Doug has) who lives in Bangkok right now is considering moving back to the States because of all of the escaped crocodiles from farms there. WIN.

(click to embiggen) Bangkok, Thailand: A tiger sculpture submerged in floodwater
Photograph: Saeed Khan/AFP/Getty Images

Oh snap!

Nov. 6th, 2011 08:53 pm
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I was bummed as hell to learn that I was gonna miss the set by my Death Metal Bronies, Funebrarum, at Rites of Darkness.

And then I discovered two minutes ago that they're playing in Brooklyn the very next weekend. \m/ \m/
(with Acheron, Goreaphobia and Mutant Supremacy)

Well, I know where I'll be on Dec. 17. Saint Vitus Bar, f'sho. And I am totally buying my dad one of their shirts. (long story -- all you need to know is that my dad is now interested in death metal.)
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As many times as I've run across this image over the years (and it has been many, many times), it still stuns and fascinates me every time I see it anew.

(click to embiggen)
The expanding fireball and shockwave of the Trinity test explosion, seen .025 seconds after detonation in the New Mexico desert on July 16, 1945. (U.S. Department of Defense)

Here's a link to the image at wikipedia, which was taken at .016 seconds after detonation.
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Every time I see a picture of this goddamned bird, dire mortification washes over me. See, back in 2007, I chased one of these fuckers through a park in Central London so I could take a picture of it. Because, you know, it was really pretty and I had never seen a bird like that before, and I wondered if it was some kind of warbler?

I showed that picture to [livejournal.com profile] zollo_the_fat when we met up in Scotland, and got the crushing verdict:
"That's a robin!"
(those who know Zollo can imagine exactly how he'd say that in his dutch-inflected english.)

A fucking ROBIN, one of the most obvious and pedestrian birds in the world. And a thousand birders died in ignominy.
(for the record, American robins look nothing like this. They're not even in the same bird family -- the European robin is a flycatcher while the American robin is a thrush -- which is why I didn't recognize the old-world counterpart. I still think it's pretty.)
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Seriously, you know that cat is plotting a vicious retribution. Love the kitty recursion motif as well.

By Noel Celis, AFP/Getty Images
Jonna Baquillas holds her pet cat, Rue, who is dressed as Little Red Riding Hood during a Halloween fundraising event
for the Philippine Animal Welfare Society at the Eastwood Central Plaza in Manila.

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Do you guys get spam at the email address you used to sign up?
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2011 Pro-Revolution Graffiti in Tripoli.

(click to embiggen)

Hey! That image looks familiar...
cut to save your eyeballs )
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I don't know how to describe this band. Art rock post-metal metal jazz wank? I came across them on one of the blogs that I "read" that features black metal, music from the fringes of metal (drone, ambient), and the occasional experimental hiphop band. They labeled it as jazz/world music/experimental/metal, and I figured "what the hell" and got myself a copy.

This kind of music, where I'd not normally be into it, I give it what I call the John Peel test: Would John Peel think these guys were good? John Peel was the only guy from whom I'd ever take a recommendation on world music, because he had cemented his bona fides in other musical realms, and I figure if a man could tell the pop-infested British listening public that they needed to pull the stick out of their arses and listen to Bolt Thrower, Napalm Death and Carcass, I could take his recommendations on music I'd usually avoid like the plague.

Anyway, so I gave these guys the John Peel test, and I think they would have passed.

(Embed is not working, so here's a link to Bandcamp: http://theaethertree.bandcamp.com/track/pyrexia?permalink )


Oct. 19th, 2011 01:38 pm
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Just bought tickets to Kvelertak/Skeletonwitch for this Friday.

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My hovercraft is full of eels.
I mean, considering that all of our hovercraft are still mired in the muds of Northern France and all.

My cat has acne.
This one, unfortunately, seems to be true. Monty -- poor, vain Monty -- got a lump on his chin the other month. We thought maybe he had run afoul of Ethel during a fight. That lump stuck around for about 5 days, then went away. But this weekend, another lump emerged on the other side of his chin. It seems to have gone down today, after I valiantly risked life and limb to put a warm epsom salt compress on it. After digging around on the t00bs, it seems pretty clear that Captain Montalban has zits, rather than any of the other bizarre ailments that attack the chins of cats. So, now we are off to buy new food bowls, and generally try to figure out what's causing such horrible blemishes to afflict our handsome animal.

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Definitely NOT a metal-free zone. ;-)
Here we have some thoroughly entertaining old-school Swedish death metal.

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I've decided to re-open this journal after many months under an f-lock. It seems fitting that the first non-screened post would be about grindcore, Chuck Norris and Randyll Tarly.
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"Chuck Norris Left Us Alive, Because He Is a Gore Grind Fan"

I am pretty sure that Randyll Tarly is not a goregrind fan, and thus, in this one specific instance, Chuck Norris PWNS the original Mr. T.

(from Svin Killer's debut album Copropolitan.)
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It's bad enough that Westeros can't hack the traffic load, but that's to be expected. We're a relatively small site run on donations.

But LJ competely dieing for days? Another DDoS attack. The fuck? What does anyone gain from that? Why can't the jerks go disrupt the government of an oppressive regime?

and now the board is down, too.
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